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                         In-School & After-School

              Phase III    Archaeology Research Club


  2024 YOUTH 14th Annual LEGO CHALLENGE 

  July 13 - August 3rd 2024  

*Youth City Planning Committee

'Building Community Block by Block 

  •  Lego Town Hall Meeting  (Sat. 7/13/2024) 

  •  Show & Tell Building Plans Workshop (Sat. 7/20/2024)

  •  Education Workshops (7/22-26/2024)

  •  Judging  (Sat. 7/27/2024)

  •  Awards Presentation (Sat. 8/3/2024)

 Stay tuned for Updates. . . 








                      ARCHAEOLOGY RESEARCH CLUB 

                  Community History / Art & Story Telling

     To date the Denver Skyland neighborhood has installed two resident-created Back Alley Art Galleries.  These two installations brought a cross section of neighbors together to create beautiful focal points of neighborhood pride. 

    This second phase of the project introduced the history of properties through an Archaeology Research Club 

     History inspires us to look back at the past and find things that inspire us to do great things for other people, places and things. Youth learn the importance of community historic research preserving a portion of their neighborhood's contribution to the city's growth. These discoveries are transformed into interactive educational art utilizing computer coding technology.

                   - Every Property Has A Human Story -


                        Feel free to contact us for

                              further information.


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        Take the Back Alley Art Gallery Tour

         See map below.                                


            From This to This













                                - Building Community through Art -


Voices On Canvas Inc. and North City Park's Alley Art Partnership Mission By supporting communal art projects throughout the alleys of North City Park, we want to:

  • Delight alley wanderers with unexpected beauty

  • Promote friendships and neighborhood pride

  • Encourage artistic development and growth

  • Get neighbors working together to beautify our alleys

  • Experience camaraderie

  • Recycle otherwise-unused materials

  • Enjoy our new neighborhood acquaintances by sharing food and drink


VOCI's goals: Kids will learn the importance of this very special community building activities and discuss how they might possible start a project like this in their neighborhood/community:

  • Bring people together (fostering inter-generational relationships)

  • Get neighbors working together to beautify our alleys

  • Produces cleaner, safer alley landscapes fro communities

  • Help resolve issues with illegal dumping

  • Develop healthier walking environments

  • Create destination places of this untapped community landscape

  • Generate ownership

IMG-4864 (2).JPG

Above. L - R    Structural Engineer Gemma Whaley, Sustainable Architect & Planner Niccolo Casewit and Historic Specialist Architect Sarah Goldblatt at the 13th Annual Voices On Canvas Inc's 'Building Community Block by Block'  LEGO Challenge judging event.

We invite you to join us for any and all events.

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